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Anne's Story #1 - Preview Pages

September 12th, 2010 - Ian Struckhoff

Our first series of comics is "The Deathlings: Anne's Story". Below is a preview from Issue #1.

"Anne's Story begins the day she dies. We discover the world of The Deathlings along with her, as she hunts for her own killer, discovers that powers over life and death won't solve her real-life problems, and eventually has to choose between joining an ancient war with the undead or trying for a slim chance at keeping her friends and family."

We begin moments after Anne has woken up from a very unusual dream...

The Deathlings #1 Cover by Reuben Negron

The Deathlings: Anne's Story #1 - Page 1 - Anne trying to remember her dream

The Deathlings: Anne's Story #1 - Page 2 - Anne's dream begins, Ani appears

The Deathlings: Anne's Story #1 - Page 3 - Anne's dream continues, Ani explains

The Deathlings: Anne's Story #1 - Page 4 - Anne's mother calls her to come downstairs, and asks her to run an errand

Come back often, for more updates. Once Issue #1 is available, we will be showing more preview pages, and in the future we will add pages from Deathlings short stories from our Black Label Comics anthology.

Reviewers and other members of the press, please contact Ian Struckhoff for review copies or web access.

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